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Cultural Quirks I Noticed Dating Filipino Women

A photo of some famous Filipino dishes There’s more to Filipino culture than food and contemporary traditions.

Many fortunate Western men out there know first hand what it’s like dating a Filipina.

Men from around the world have begun to fall in love with women from the Philippines. Often in the process, they develop a comparable respect for Filipino culture as well.

The reason that some of these men were able to make their dream of dating a Filipina come true isn’t that they were the smoothest talkers.

Understandably, many foreigners might not know what to say to a Filipina girl when meeting for the first time.

Most men who have found success dating Asian women take the time to understand certain aspects of their culture. This includes many aspects of the culture that not many outsiders are familiar with.

Not all facets of Filipino culture can be found on dating websites. There are particular characteristics about Filipino women that men have to experience for themselves. Hence, here are some more aspects about their culture in the Philippines that you ought to know about:

Filipinas and Food

It’s almost impossible to be a guest in a Filipino home without being offered some kind of snack or meal. Showing up uninvited to a Filipino's home can still get you a place at the table under certain circumstances.

It’s not just limited to specific meals either. It’s highly improbable that a person will leave a gathering from a Filipino house without having an armful of leftovers. Declining leftovers also isn’t an option, as containers full of food are often forced into the hands of departing guests.

The Philippines has a significant number of people of Chinese descent. As such, Chinese dishes are famous among Filipina women as well. Chinese restaurants are also a particular go-to for families who gather to celebrate certain occasions or for a simple dinner.

Informal Guest List

Filipino girls love to celebrate and will use any occasion as an excuse to throw a party of some kind. This means that putting together a formal guest list is almost unheard of unless it’s a wedding reception or something equally formal.

In the Philippines, it’s not unusual for friends or relatives who have only a loose connection with the host to show up at the front door to join such occasions.

It’s not unusual for these guests to be shown the same level of hospitality as any other.

The family oriented culture of Filipinos shines best during any gathering.

Even some wedding receptions and other formal events can seem like they have an ad hoc guest list, as people can bring plus ones or other family members with them.

Most Filipino hosts already understand this facet of their own culture and anticipate the extemporaneous guests.

The Time Management of a Filipina Woman

The Philippines prides itself on easy living. So there’s the concept of Filipino time, whereupon a person can be expected to be a few minutes late.

Filipinos can be somewhat careless with their time management. Formal programs in the Philippines will often start half an hour or even an hour after the designated schedule, mostly because an important guest is running late.

Fast Paced Relationships

One major quirk of the Filipino dating scene is how quickly people are saying the word love. This can even be true when referring to strictly online dating relationships.

Couples dating for a week or less may still profess eternal love to each other.

Older men will notice this starkly contrasts the conduct of most Western women they're used to dating casually. If you're dating a Filipino woman, be prepared to hear the L word very quickly if things are going well.

With more men looking to meet single women from Asian countries, the Philippines has become quite a destination for finding a life partner. Meeting Filipino women online has an appeal, but be cautious if these ladies attempt to get you to spend money before meeting.

Men and women should always remain vigilant when engaging in online dating and look for these red flags before committing to traveling anywhere.

Unfortunately, many foreign men get the impression that the Filipinas they meet online have the mindset of mail order brides, seeking to flee their country for a better life. Most Filipino women are quite happy at home with their families in the island nation.

Filipinas Are Mallrats

As a tropical country, the Philippines can reach extremely high temperatures any time of the year.

As a result, places with air conditioning are always a go-to hangout spot. One can expect that shopping malls in the country are always full of people, not all of whom are there to shop.

As you can see, there are certain parts of Filipino culture that are not shared to the world while also not being inside information.

These are just quirks about Filipino society that make the people and their practices beautifully unique.

So if you want to experience these quirks first hand, consider giving the Philippines a visit as you look forward to reveling in their splendid and magnificent culture.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 18 June, 2024
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