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Find an Island Lady | Why Island Ladies for Marriage Make the Best Brides

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There can be more than 7,641 reasons to visit the Philippines. It has a wide array of both modern and historical sites that will surely fascinate you. Among the sights to behold are the beautiful Filipino women. In fact, the country is a great place for many foreigners to pursue an everlasting love with a Filipina.

In fact, a lot of foreign men have turned to the idea of marrying younger single island ladies in the Philippines. It’s a common scenario in the country to see many happy, foreign men with Filipino women. If you’re skeptical, here are some reasons why these ladies make the best partners:

  1. Island ladies are great homemakers

    These stunning women from the Philippines are undeniably experts of household management. They always make sure that they transform their house into a home filled with love. They are capable of managing all the household chores, being a nurturing parent, managing the household finances, and more.

  2. They are great at handling finances

    These women are always thinking about the future of their family. This is the main reason why they set aside money for their children and rarely engage in any luxuries. They are practical ladies who spend their money wisely, and do so in good investments that are practical and beneficial for their family members.

  3. Building a happy family is their top priority

    Filipino women come from a culture wherein happiness is highly important. As a result, they tend to prioritize the happiness and health of their husband and kids --- sometimes above their own! They believe that building a foundation for their family and raising their kids right is just as important as other aspects in life.

    Mentioned above are the top three reasons why island ladies are the best brides. With these aspects in mind, you will surely have a successful and happy life with a beautiful Philippine bride by your side. Browse through our site to find out how to meet Filipino women in the Pearl of the Orient.

Admirable Qualities of Island Ladies

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Have you ever wondered why Filipino women are considered one of the most-sought after brides by foreign men from across the globe? One of the reasons for this is, is their captivating beauty. These ladies may be head-turners, but these women are more than what their beauty offers.

These ladies also possess many endearing qualities that make them ideal lifetime partners. Listed below are some of those qualities:

  • A Filipino woman is family-oriented

    These women always think about the well-being of their family. They always inform each family member about their decisions and would often seek the family’s advice on important matters.

  • A Filipino woman is traditional

    These ladies always adhere to what’s moral in their society. They observe the traditional values that they have learned from their parents and pass them to their children. Moreover, these women are very traditional in relationships, often choosing to make a relationship last instead of jumping ship.

  • A Filipino woman is caring and affectionate

    Island ladies show concern to everyone, especially those who are special to them. This is due to their kind heart. When they become mothers, they unconditionally love their children. As a Filipina’s partner, you can expect her to shower you with love and affection every day of your life together.

With these in mind, you will be assured that marrying a young island lady can go a long a way in building a happy family. You will be at peace knowing that your family is well-taken cared off. Your dream of bringing home a Philippine bride is a click away --- sign up on our site for free and get a chance to win a free tour to the tropical Philippines!

Island Ladies vs Western Brides

Single island ladies Get yourself a Philippine bride by joining our singles vacation to the Philippines.

Every woman in the world is unique in her own special way. The differences between women of differing nationalities is attributed to cultural and environmental factors. In fact, it is these two factors that directly affect how a woman’s personality is shaped and how well she handles relationships.

In much the same way, island ladies from the Philippines have their distinguishing characteristics in handling relationships. Most of these attributes contrast many of their western counterparts. To give you more of an idea on what to expect, here are some observations to keep in mind:

    An island lady is respectful to her spouse

    These women respect the authority of their husbands because of the Philippine tradition that the father or husband is the head of the family. They support their husbands in whatever decision they make, as long as it’s for the welfare of the family.

    On the other hand, western ladies often think differently. They usually question their role in their family and society as a whole. Their different beliefs can sometimes clash with their partners, leading to misunderstandings along the way.

    An island lady dates for a long-term relationship (LTR)

    Philippine women are traditional and this is evident with how they deal with relationships. They take dating seriously and believe that sowing wild oats is a bad idea. This clashes with their traditional and religious beliefs and is part of the dating culture of the Philippines.

    On the contrary, Westerners are usually into casual dating. When they’re the same age, most of them prefer casual relationships, as their priorities in life differ. For most western women, establishing a career is more important during their younger years than finding a suitable partner.

    An island lady is very affectionate to her spouse.

    These women are considered one of the most romantic women from all over the world. Your Filipino girlfriend won’t be shy in expressing how much you mean to her, be it through words or actions. You can expect her to express her love for you through meaningful gestures, such as preparing your favorite dish after a long day at work.

    Conversely, the Westerners are not very particular with sweet gestures. They are raised to become independent and strong. This trait can sometimes shine through in their romantic relationships as well.

These ladies have many distinguishing characteristics from one other, but both deserve unconditional love. If you prefer how a Filipina handles a relationship and would love to meet one, join our Philippine singles’ tour! Don’t miss the chance to meet your stunning Philippine bride and spend the rest of your life with her.

Wedding Traditions for Island Ladies

Single Filipino women Learn how to meet a FIlipino woman through our site.

The Philippines is a country of interesting cultures and traditions. In fact, they still practice their traditions until today, particularly their traditional wedding practices. In the country, weddings are one of the most vibrant celebrations. For Filipinos, it’s not just about the bond shared between the couple, but also the unity of two families.

It’s important for your Philippine bride to apply these practices for your upcoming wedding ceremony as well. For her, this helps ensure that the both of you will have a successful and happy married life. In line with this, here is a list of the most interesting wedding traditions that you will likely follow:

  1. Pamanhikan

    This is where a traditional Filipino wedding starts. The family of the groom-to-be visits the bride-to-be’s family. The groom’s parents are the ones who express the groom’s intentions, and will ask for the bride’s hand for marriage. When the bride’s family agrees, the planning then takes place.

  2. Paninilbihan

    The groom will go to the bride’s house for several days to help with the household chores. This is intended for the groom to prove his worth to the bride’s family. It’s also a way of testing the groom’s sense of responsibility.

  3. The groom and bride are forbidden to see each other

    A night before the wedding day, the groom and the bride are not allowed to see each other. They are also not allowed to try their wedding suit and gown before the wedding. It symbolizes bad luck for the marriage.

  4. The groom should arrive first

    The bride and groom should not go together to church, because this symbolizes bad luck. They should separately arrive and the groom should arrive first, because they believe it bestows abundant blessings in their married life.

  5. No sharp-pointed objects as wedding gifts

    Well-wishers should avoid giving sharp-pointed objects as gifts to the newly-weds since it symbolizes bad luck. Sharp-pointed objects are used to cut things, and it is believed that this might also cut the marriage short. Conversely, a chamber pot is a more favorable gift, since it symbolizes money and good luck.

    A Philippine wedding is truly a festive celebration. It is like a reunion of your bride’s kin and your own. If you are planning to marry a Philippine bride, then it’s very important for you to learn her wedding culture too, as this ensures that your ceremony goes well.

    Take the first step in searching for the Philippine bride of your dreams. Register on our site today and begin browsing through our personals --- all these women are eager to meet you for love and marriage!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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