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Dating Culture in the Philippines

Traditional Filipino dating tilts back to the classic ways of chivalry and romance featuring dramatic progress, as the relationship between two people progress to making the vow of a lifetime. Modern dating in the Philippines has changed a lot, however, some aspects remain the same.

Here are five Filipino dating facts that remain true throughout the years:

  1. The man asks the woman out on a date.
  2. In the Philippines, it's taboo for a woman to ask a man out on a date. A common dating etiquette in the east is the man's role in leading a relationship. This includes asking his girl out for a date. Ideally, the man picks the girl up from her house and brings her back after the date. Although the man considers the woman's preferences, he plans everything for the date beforehand.

  3. The first date is important.
  4. In any culture, the first date is important. It may be challenging for both sides, but it is the best time to know each other better. Feel free to ask the right questions on a first date --- it may be about her family, education, work, hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

    As you go on your first date, take into account the dos and don'ts of first dates with a Filipina.

  5. Win her family = win her heart.
  6. Filipino women are very dedicated to their families. They keep close family ties. Pursuing a single Filipina lady means pursuing her family. There are various ways to win their approval. You can entertain them by your sense of humor or by preparing food for them, and most importantly, be polite to them.

    A traditional yet effective way to court your Filipino girlfriend while winning her parents’ heart is done by the so-called, “paghaharana” or serenading. This is a common practice in the Philippine dating culture and is a sweet gesture that shows your feelings towards her.

  7. Be a gentleman.
  8. Generally, Filipino women are respected women and are equally as respectful. As such, they will always be impressed with a well-mannered gentleman. One way of expressing this is by saying po and opo to express your respect towards the elders. Equivalently, never forget to say "thank you" and "please" if the situation deems it fit.

    One of the traits your Filipino date will love to see from you is chivalry. Offering a seat, or opening the door for her is a simple gesture that shows this. Maintain a polite manner and do these actions with sincerity too.

  9. Follow the stages of courtship in the Philippines:
    • Initial Acquaintance
    • Traditionally, couples meet in personal encounters, however, in the modern age of the internet, meeting a potential Filipina lover can be done from miles away. There are social media dating sites and apps you can subscribe to initially find your date. You can also register for free to the best matchmaking agency in the Philippines to find the best single Philippine lady for you.

    • A Friendly Date
    • After knowing her well enough online or in person, prepare to ask her on a friendly date --- it is the kind of a date where you can invite her friends or yours. A group date, especially the first one, is a big deal for Filipinos. This is a great way to get to know her better, along with her peer group as well.

    • An Intimate Date
    • This is your first official date. This is the chance for you to openly express your plans with her. Although chances are, your Filipina date may ask a favor to have her best friend's presence; this keeps it informal. However, it can help ease the communication along. Just bear in mind that you are dating a naturally reserved girl.

    • Meet the Parents
    • Your Filipina date may ask you to meet her parents eventually. She is giving you the chance to know her family, her roots, and greatest inspiration in life, so don’t take this for granted. This stage is one of the most crucial of all. You have to impress her family, especially her parents who greatly influence your date's future decision-making when it comes to relationships.

    • The Dating Stage
    • Your endeavor continues. This is the stage where you know each other deeply and build attachments; including trust, commitment, and love. It is the break or make stage.

    • Boyfriend-girlfriend Relationship
    • Once you successfully win the heart of your Filipina date, she then becomes officially your girlfriend. Of course, to get the answer from her, you need to ask her first. If she says the sweetest "yes", then you’re officially an item.

    • Marriage Proposal
    • It may take time before you get to this stage. It may take several romantic moments and misunderstandings, but once you get to this stage, you are on the road to a lifetime of happiness together.

      Once you are sure that she is the one, then propose to her. A marriage proposal is a part of the Philippine marriage culture. Make your vows with her in the church and take her home!

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Island Ladies as Romantic Partners

Pinay love is one of the best in the world. It is rare to find; when you find one, keep it. A Pinay who loves you will be very dedicated to your relationship. She wants to be the best woman you will ever have and she will continually give you her best to keep you happy.

Here are manifestations of how romantic these island ladies are as partners:

  1. Surprises
  2. Filipino women are big on surprises. They love to be surprised as much as they want their man to feel the same way. She goes out of her way to make surprises for you because it’s her own gesture of making you feel how special you are to her. Writing a letter, giving you presents with sentimental value, or even doing crazy things that she has never done in her entire existence.

  3. Affection
  4. Pinays are very expressive and emotional. She will verbally make you aware of how much she misses you and loves you. She would never get sick of wanting to hold your hand, get closer to you, and share an affectionate embrace.

  5. Value of Family and Motherhood
  6. Women in the Philippines are lifted from a family-oriented culture. It is instilled in their minds that they should make a happy family of their own --- a reason why they place high value in becoming responsible wives and mothers. A Filipina can do work outside the home, but she will always consider her family as her first priority.

    Filipino women are very openly loving, which is a lot different from other cultures in and outside Asia. No matter how she chooses to express it, you have to learn to recognize it and reciprocate the love she deserves.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 April, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 April, 2024
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