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Philippine Dating Guide | How to Win the Hearts of Filipino Women

A collage of photos of beautiful Filipino women. Learn some few neat tricks on how to win the hearts of Filipino women with our simple yet helpful guide.

The Philippine islands aren’t just endowed with an abundance of beautiful views and natural wonders, but with beautiful women too. What makes Filipino women alluring isn’t just because of their exotic looks but also because of their many endearing qualities.

Simply walk the streets of any Philippine city or town and you’re almost guaranteed to stumble upon a lovely Filipino woman who will give you butterflies in your stomach. You won’t have a hard time attracting their attention either because of the rather peculiar affinity of Filipinas towards foreign men. While finding a suitable Pinay partner is not going to be an issue for you, winning them over is a totally different battle.

So to help increase your odds of finding love in the Philippines, take note of these few neat tricks that’ll help you sweep a Pinay off her feet:

  1. Learn and adapt to Filipino culture.

    When dating a foreign lady, one of the early obstacles you will have to hurdle is the challenge of bridging the cultural gap. Filipino culture and values are, without a doubt, different from what you may have been accustomed to. So if you really want to impress a Filipina, learning and conforming to Filipino culture is almost a prerequisite.

  2. Court her.

    Unlike in most Western societies, romantic relationships in the Philippines normally start with the courtship stage. Yes, you read that right, courtship still exists in this part of the world.

    Considering the traditional and modest nature of Filipinas, you might find winning their hearts quite challenging, especially if you’re used to short-time flings and hookups. But if you remain stoic and persistent, you’ll eventually win her over. All the challenges and obstacles that you have to overcome are but a small price to pay considering the kind of woman waiting for you at the finish line - the kind worthy of taking to the altar.

  3. More actions, fewer words.

    Now that you’re still in the courting stage, what you need to do is be consistent with your efforts in pursuing her. How? By talking less and doing more. Filipina women love to be wooed and pursued. Make her feel special and valued not just with your words, but more importantly with your actions.

    This includes opening doors for her, visiting her at home, listening to her, or just being there for her. You don’t need to do grand things; you just need to be consistent in showing her that you are sincere with your intentions.

  4. Win her family’s approval.

    One of the valued traits of Filipinas is their strong family orientation. This means that they put their families above themselves. This explains why her family’s approval and blessing can actually make or break your relationship.

  5. Talk about your plans for the future and how you see it with her.

    The thing about Filipino women is that they do not just go on a date with men, without thinking of a long-term relationship. Filipinas date for marriage and they expect the same from their partners.

    You must also think of the future that both of you will have and talk to her about it. Tell her your plans for the future and how you see her in that picture. Tell her how you see yourselves in the years to come. That way, she will know that you are there to stay.

Trying to win the heart of a Filipina takes more than just guts and effort. It also requires you to be patient, understanding, and genuine with your feelings. Yes, you may say it is laborious, but with what these ladies possess, everything will all be worth it in the end.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 18 June, 2024
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