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5 Toxic Attitudes to Avoid When Dating Filipino Women

a man holding a rose for one of the Filipino women. Make your relationship last by learning what toxic attitudes to avoid when dating a Filipina.

Realistically, there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. Fights, arguments, misunderstandings and all kinds of ups and downs are bound to happen along the way. The only way to get past these inevitable relationship woes is to have the right attitude and mindset. An endeavor that you might find tricky to navigate through if you’re dating a Filipina.

Unlike a lot of Western women who treat relationships trivially, most Filipino women value their relationships and would fight tooth and nail for it if need be. If you are used to relationships in the U.S. where couples will just casually and nonchalantly break up once they’ve had enough of each other, dating a Filipina will certainly be an entirely new experience for you.

These women will exhaust all options available to save their relationship. That’s the kind of commitment and devotion Filipinas bring to the table. So if you are so earnest in dating a Filipina, make sure to keep yourself in check from these 5 toxic attitudes to avoid breaking her heart:

1. Me, myself and I mindset

A relationship is a two-man game. Everything you do and the decisions you make, in one way or another, will have an effect on your partner and ultimately on your relationship.

Aside from sharing a bed together, there’s a lot of other things you’d share too; both the good and the bad. Your problems will be her problems in the same way that hers will also be yours. Being in a relationship entails leaving behind the what’s-mine-is-mine attitude, in favor of a more open and considerate mentality.

2. Jealousy

Having been raised in a society where traditional and religious values are still very much observed and practiced, you can be sure that the majority of Filipinas are virtuous and ethical women. For this reason alone, cheating and infidelity should be the least of your concern when dating a Filipino girl.

Cheating is a heavily snide upon act in Filipino culture. And considering how much these ladies adhere to cultural and societal standards, you can rest easy knowing that your Filipina girlfriend will love only you, and you alone.

3. Being too overbearing

Philippine women are known for being agreeable and easygoing. But their amicable disposition doesn’t mean that they will allow others to simply disregard their opinions and points of view.

Although they will support you in whatever decision you deem right, you must also consider her inputs and counsel. Don’t be indifferent to what she has to say. Remember that you ought to make decisions together, not individually. So give her the same level of respect as she gives you.

4. Being deceitful

There have been numerous relationships and marriages that ended due to lies and deceit. Often times, deceitful relationships begin with a simple lie. When the seed is planted, however, it blossoms and branches out into more harmful lies.

Earning a Filipina’s trust is often challenging, but highly rewarding in the end. So treasure it and don’t ever betray her trust.

5. Dwelling on the mistakes of the past

One of the most toxic things to do in a relationship is focusing on each other’s faults. If either one of you has wronged each other in the past, it’s best to forgive and learn from it in order to move forward. Dwelling on past mistakes will eventually take a toll on your relationship.

When you get into arguments, avoid bringing up past quarrels and mistakes because this builds resentment. The best thing to do is to resolve these issues by addressing it directly and properly. In doing so, forgiveness can be possible so that you can both move on.

There are many factors as to why relationships and marriages don’t pan out the way were originally meant to. More often than not, the downfall of a relationship can be attributed to at least one of these 5 toxic attitudes. Thus avoiding them is the only way to make your relationship with a Filipina last.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 April, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 April, 2024
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