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Hidden Paradise in the Philippines: Dating Filipinas

A photo of a woman in a swimsuit walking along the shoreline at the beach Spice up your date with Filipinas and take them to where only a few tourists know about.

Filipinas are always ready for any type of adventure. The question is, are you?

Out of the 7,000-plus islands in the Philippines, how many have you visited? Where do you plan to take your Filipina date this time around? Most of all, what are the best beaches to visit?

These are just some common concerns of foreign nationals who travel to the Philippines and eventually date beautiful Filipinas.

While there are many fun and unique spots around the Metro Manila area, seeing the city lights and getting drowned in the urban noise can become tiring when done repeatedly.

As much as possible, make your dates more exciting by taking advantage of the Philippine archipelago. Not only is the Philippines home to some of the most visited beaches in the world, but there are countless incredible islands worth exploring as well.

Rest assured, visiting any of these islands should be a memorable experience for you and your Filipina gal.

In this list are five of the many hidden paradises found in the gorgeous “Pearl of the Orient Seas,” the Philippines.

Not only will you be looking forward to unparalleled adventures, but these places are also not as crowded as other tourist destinations in the country.

Nothing compares to having a beautiful Filipina date by your side while visiting a number of jaw-dropping islands, right?

1. Masungi Georeserve

This is the perfect chance for you to unwind and connect with nature again.

Hidden away in the province of Rizal, you and your date can tour the Masungi Georeserve that has a long-running conservation area, as well as a rustic garden that allows for a limited number of visitors only per schedule.

Once you are confirmed on the list, your visit here will surely be one unforgettable experience.

Wander through the assigned trails and encounter various wildlife and plant species bordered by unique limestone formations.

You and your Filipina date can also have a direct impact on the conservation area by participating in the continuous reforestation of the land. Native tree planting has never been more romantic.

For future references, the Masungi Georeserve also caters to sustainable and stunning weddings. You’ll never know when your date might get hit with wedding fever, right?

2. Kalanggaman Island

Following on with the brand of simplicity and beauty, we now introduce you to the secret gem of the island of Leyte.

Kalanggaman Island is considered the poster child of living with bare necessities as the little elongated area pushes you to take a break from the exhausting rat race and focus on tuning into nature.

The island’s main attractions are the hundred-meter-long sandbars you and your date can drop by to enjoy a quiet, romantic stroll. This is also where you can find one of the best white sand beaches that is oftentimes compared to the beauty of Boracay.

Make it even more exciting by staying at this uninhabited island for the night. Camp out and prepare your own food.

Unplugging from work and social media can be a rejuvenating and romantic experience as well. You can bet that Filipinas will absolutely love this adventure.

3. Lumot Lake

Having an island — one that comes with a comfortable house to live in — all to yourself is not a thing of fantasy in the province of Laguna.

Sundang Island tucks itself in the middle of Lumot Lake. Within this small piece of luxury is a private house, complete with amenities, and available for rent for visitors like you and your Filipina date.

The island is perfect for more intimate nights and deeper talks. You can also sit side by side quietly and take in the scenic view and fresh air.

Your nights will never get boring in this little purse of a land.

You can cook and go stargazing. Take photos, as well as a cinematic sunset boat ride.

Whatever you plan to do, go for it. This island can be your secret little paradise.

4. Biri Island

If you’re ready for a more extreme adventure, Biri Island is the perfect getaway for you and your Filipina date.

This is located at the northern tip of the island of Samar and the whole of Region 8. Here, you will personally witness the booming and enormous waves of the Pacific as they crash onto the island’s stunning rock formations.

With its untouched beauty, you and your date will surely be in awe of the view.

There are crystal clear pools formed by the weathered land and, for the more daring, the open sea for you to swim around in.

You can opt for a tour or make it more memorable by coming up with your own itinerary. There’s no need to worry about board and lodging as the locals offer many of those.

On top of that, we assure you that there is nothing more remarkable than the chance to go on a long, high adrenaline trip with your special lady.

5. Apo Island

If your type of adventure leans more on learning about the rich marine life in the Philippines, then the right destination for your next date should be Apo Island.

The volcanic island is known for being one of the top diving and snorkelling spots in the country. When you truly get under the sea, you will find hundreds of stunning species of coral and fish, including some endangered turtles.

When it’s time to chill and get back on land, the island is not short on sights for you.

Apo is also home to beautiful beaches where you and your girl can go on some fine short walks. As for the cherry on top, you’ll get excellent views of the adjacent island of Negros and the peak of Mt. Talinis.

This kind of majestic show can only be seen here on Apo Island. The fact that you are together with your Filipina date makes this eco-escapade even more worthwhile.

A Date in Paradise with Phenomenal Filipinas

Filipinas are not that hard to please, so any adventure you can think of is totally worth it.

However, if you keep bringing them to the same restaurant and going on the same date trips, it can become boring and repetitive.

If you want to take Filipinas to a new paradise minus the suffocating crowd, these five secret spots are the perfect options for you.

See more of the Philippines, and experience more with beautiful Filipinas.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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