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MUST HAVE Items When Dating in the Philippines

A photo of a foreign man touring the Philippines with beautiful Filipinas Experience dating in the Philippines like never before with these handy tips.

The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,641 islands. Located just above the equator, the country is known to have humid and tropical weather.

While the Philippines enjoys sunny weather the majority of the year, rains and thunderstorms become a welcome sight in the midst of all the heat and humidity, which can, therefore, make dating in the Philippines a bit tricky if you are not well prepared.

Traveling to the Philippines is more than just bringing your personal necessities.

It’s also important to learn about the weather conditions beforehand, as well as the culture of the people. This means that doing a bit of research will help you a great deal when visiting places within the country.

Walking around the Philippines, you’ll notice that street clothes are normally like those of the West. However, clothes are a lot thinner than what you may be used to. The hot weather is surely a factor in that aspect.

With that said, it is important to bring clothes that are appropriate for different situations. You wouldn’t want to get caught off guard and wear a thick sweater in the middle of a hot day, would you?

Clothes are probably the most important items to bring with you to the Philippines. From casual clothing to swimwear and formal attire, you need to always be prepared.

Filipino women are religious, and at one point during your dates with one, she might invite you to visit their local church.

If you want to impress her, then by all means, go with her as a sign of respect for her religion and culture. When you do go to church with her, you will need to wear clothes that are not revealing.

Wear a shirt that covers your shoulders and a pair of pants or shorts that are long enough to keep you from looking skimpy.

Even then, clothes are not the only necessities you should bring with you.

Necessities that You Need to Take with You

Before setting your sights on the beautiful women of the Philippines, make sure you are well prepared for the trip. Yes, it’s exciting how you will finally be able to meet the Filipino girl of your dreams, but it doesn’t hurt to take your time preparing for that moment.

Courtship in the Philippines is easier when you are well prepared and eager to go.

Local currency

Aside from clothes, money is probably one of the most important items to bring with you to the Philippines.

Bringing your ATM card may be convenient and safe, but not all places you will be visiting will accept debit payment, nor will they always have a machine to withdraw cash from.

It is important to bring money in the form of local currency because foreign currency you may have, won’t be accepted in most establishments. You can exchange your foreign currency to local currency in a bank, or at a money exchanger.

When going around the country, remember to always bring money that is only enough for the day. Avoid bringing bundles of cash with you for safety.


As discussed earlier, clothes should make up more than half of the items that you will be bringing with you. You need different types of clothes for different situations, and knowing when and where you should use these different types of clothes is necessary.

Much like the dating rules in the Philippines, there are also clothing standards to follow. Below are some of the clothes that you may need during your visit to the country:

  • Street clothes - Just your everyday clothes. Whatever is the most comfortable to wear, you can wear it. As part of Philippine culture, you may see Filipino men walking around half-naked, meaning they’re not wearing any shirts, just bareback. You may see them around, but do not go too far as to try and follow how they are dressed.

  • Casual wear - Casual wear are clothes that can also be labeled as street clothes. The only difference is that while all casual clothes can be called street clothes, not all street clothes can be called casual.

    Why? Because when you go to places like the mall, some Filipino street clothes are inappropriate to wear inside. Casual wear is what most Filipinos wear to work.

  • Rain gear - Rain gear is a necessity, though it won’t always be used. You need to be prepared for those sudden downpours that will leave you regretting not bringing any rain gear with you.

    A simple umbrella can be handy, though it can be a hassle to bring with you, and a bit bulky to put inside your bag. A raincoat is a more foldable piece of rain gear.

  • Swimwear - When you go to the beach with your Filipina date, make sure to wear the appropriate set of clothes. Men usually wear swimming trunks with no shirt on, or if you have heat-sensitive skin, you can wear a shirt with your trunks – just not in the pool.

    You might notice that most Filipinas wear shorts and a shirt to the beach. It is common. Though some prefer a more appropriate swimsuit or a two-piece bikini, some Filipinas are just too conservative to flaunt some skin.

  • Accessories - Accessories such as sunglasses are handy in the midst of the Philippines’ hot weather. If you don’t want to be constantly blinded by the sun, then by all means bring sunglasses with you, you’ll definitely need it.

    A handkerchief is also a necessary accessory. With the humid climate, you’ll find yourself sweating more than you’d hope to.

Passport holder

Always keep important documents such as your passport safe, which is why you need to bring with you a passport holder where you can safely stash it inside and be able to take it out when you need to.

As a foreigner traveling to another country, your passport is very important, and keeping it safe should be one of your top priorities.


You’d be missing the point of traveling to other countries if you do not bring a camera with you.

Just as important as being able to personally visit these places is the ability to share them with your friends and loved ones who have not yet been to the country.

Pictures and videos also help when you want to reminisce about the beauty of the Philippine islands.

First Aid kit

Traveling is not all fun and games, although it mostly is. But there’s always a chance that something goes wrong and you could find yourself in a painful situation.

To be prepared for such, always remember to bring with you a small first aid kit. A small cut might be negligible, but when you and your date are out, say on a trekking date out in a small patch of forest, a small cut can get infected fast if you do not have the proper medical equipment.


An itinerary is important because it saves you a lot of time planning what to do and where to go when you arrive in the Philippines. You need only follow your itinerary and you can be sure that your visit will be fun and eventful.

You can either make your own itinerary to suit your preferences, or find one online. An itinerary also helps you budget your expenses.

Remember to Have a Great Time

Whether you’re a first timer when it comes to traveling or not, always make it a habit of being well prepared so you don’t experience any inconveniences during your trip.

Now that you have taken a quick review of the essential items you must bring, it will surely make dating in the Philippines a lot easier.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 18 June, 2024
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