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Souvenirs You’ll Only Find in the Philippines

different colored beaded necklace Make your Philippine travel worthwhile by bringing Philippine souvenirs home.

Your Philippine trip isn’t complete without buying Philippine souvenirs to take home. Upon your arrival in the Philippines, you may notice different booths stationed everywhere that’s meant to attract tourists. Well they do, in fact, attract tourists.

The Philippines consists of thousands of islands, vibrant culture, and delightful beaches which makes it a holiday-maker’s dream. Filipinos have a word for Philippine souvenirs -- pasalubong. This means “something for when you welcome me”, or something kept as a reminder, and shows the giving spirit of Filipinos. There are many lists of pasalubongs available and you won’t be able to stop with only one.

  1. Dried mangoes.
  2. Dried mangoes are popular anywhere you are in the Philippines. They can be found literally in every Philippine souvenirs shop. The process goes like this, you peel and slice the mango then you proceed with the dehydration process until they appear golden-yellow appearance.

    Filipinos use the sun-dry method because it’s more convenient and it costs practically nothing. It’s these simple yet creative ways in which Filipinos are known for. Be warned! The chewable texture and the flavor characteristics of a sweetened mango is addicting.

  3. Buko pie, polvoron, and other Filipino delicacies.
  4. Check out these delicacies handmade by Filipino citizens. With flavors ranging from sweet to really sweet, soft to crunchy, and powdery to crumbly, they have it all.

    And guess what? You’re only at the tip of the iceberg! Take your time and stroll the streets of the Philippines and enjoy many, many more delicacies to try.

  5. Coffee beans.
  6. Not too many tourists know this, but the Philippines boasts many coffee-growing regions that yield many varieties which is known as barako.

    Remember to take a bag with you as your souvenir from the Philippines. It’ll be an aromatic reminder of where you spent your last vacation.

  7. Philippine pearls.
  8. The Philippine pearls are definitely worth bringing home. They rank first as non-perishable Philippine souvenir items.

    Along with its bountiful marine biodiversity, the Philippines is teeming with jewels from the sea, with many varieties and at affordable prices. It’s absolutely a souvenir worth remembering the Philippines by.

  9. Mother-of-pearl plates, Capiz shell boxes, and other tableware.
  10. Bedazzle your kitchen with these sparkling beauties. Lustrous from every angle, the mother-of-pearl products of the Philippines will become the center of attention of every party you attend. These iridescent souvenirs are something to brag about.

  11. Sungka.
  12. Relive your Philippine experience by bringing home an actual Filipino game! Sungka is an indigenous board game where two players take turns tossing pebbles or shells into seven hollows on a boat-shaped wooden block.

    The goal is to gather the largest number of pebbles or shells in your pile. Nevertheless, this boat-shaped wooden board with pebbles or shells will be the standout feature of your antique showcase.

  13. Philippine chocolate.
  14. The Philippine cocoa industry has been the primary producer of cocoa beans in Southeast Asia. The Philippines has a vast population of cacao trees, as a result of rich soil and climate. Filipinos are innovative.

    They can make almost anything out of nothing -- from cocoa beans to chocolate. Don’t forget to take a bite when you visit! The country is rapidly becoming a destination for high-quality cocoa beans.

    Sure, the chocolate itself isn’t top-notch or as refined as the mass produced ones, but the experience of tasting native chocolates is something else.

  15. Dreamcatchers.
  16. What? Is it possible to catch dreams? Well, the dreamcatcher is a protective talisman that is used to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams. Whether you believe it or not, these dreamcatchers are soothing to look at. Bring one home to get a good night’s rest. Sweet dreams start with pretty things.

  17. Graphic T-shirts.
  18. Pick the design that caught your attention! Remember your visit with these artistic dyed shirts. There are also simple prints and location-specific imagery to choose from. These clothes radiate positivity and good vibes that’ll make it memorable.

  19. Toy jeepney
  20. One of the most unique ways to get around in the Philippines is riding a jeepney. Jeepneys were originally built using leftover parts from military jeeps that had been cast aside after World War II and are now into an indispensable mode of public transportation for many Filipinos. A jeepney figurine can serve as a travel memento and a cultural symbol in miniature which reflects the eye-catching design of the real vehicle.

  21. Baro’t saya and Barong Tagalog.
  22. The Baro’t saya is for the ladies while Barong Tagalog is for the gentlemen. This clothing is traditionally woven with piña cloth from pineapple fibers. Perhaps you find it interesting and ponder on the question, “Can Filipinos do anything?” If they put their mind to the task, yes they can.

  23. Native bags, pouches, and accessories.
  24. Native accessories may seem common in the Southeastern part of the world but you have to admit, you just can’t resist the beauty of their embroidery patterns.

  25. Keychains.
  26. Keychains never go out of style. Everywhere you go there’s always a keychain that represents the country you’re in.

    The same goes for the Philippines, where you can find dolphins, sea turtles, crocodiles, starfishes, and other island imagery. You can also find shops that will customize your keychain for you. Do you want to engrave your name? Not a problem.

  27. Refrigerator magnets.
  28. This is another example of pocket-sized souvenirs that commemorate the Philippine Islands. Take your pick from different varieties ranging from sea and land animals to the islands’ symbolic figures.

  29. Stickers, artworks, pins, and postcards.
  30. Souvenirs don't have to be expensive. A simple memorandum is all you need to make those experiences come rushing back. You can go into a local arts and crafts store with colorful stickers, art prints, enamel pins, illustrations, and postcards made by artists in the Philippines.

Make It Worth It!

When you’re traveling to the Philippines, you have to make the overall trip worthwhile. Some experiences may live in your memories, and some are better with things to remember it by. Complete your list of the best things to buy in the Philippines. Fill your luggage with Philippine souvenirs to bring home to your family, friends, and loved ones.

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