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Understanding Filipino Women Quirks

A photo of a Filipino girl with her hands on her cheeks It’s in the little quirks that make Filipino women so adorable.

Sometimes it’s the small details that make us fall in love with someone. Filipino women have a certain allure about them, and sometimes it’s not quite easy to point out. What makes them adorable and charming yet so vulnerable and down to earth?

Once you start dating and spending time with a Filipino woman, that’s when you will notice the qualities and behaviors that make her uniquely Filipino. These are things you may have never experienced before, and if you’re not careful, they can surprise you. From the way she eats and speaks to her gestures, mood swings, and other peculiarities - these may be difficult to grasp in the beginning, but once you do, it will make your relationship sail more smoothly.

The complicated thing about relationships is that men simply are incapable of understanding women. Men weren’t born equipped for such a task. Men would soon discover the secrets of the galaxies than they would the mind of a woman. Doing so for a woman of a different culture and upbringing further complicates matters.

Luckily, with much time and observation, certain patterns have emerged on the behavior of Filipino women. They aren’t always rational or reasonable, but they are widely accepted as what makes them who they are. In your attempt to enhance the quality of your relationship with a Filipino woman, it may do you good to note these incredible Filipino quirks:

  1. They give you so much food.
  2. When you have a Filipino girlfriend, expect to put on a lot of weight. Filipinos are renowned for their hospitality and caring personalities. They always make sure that the people they care about are well fed.

    Filipino partners spend a good amount of time in the kitchen, preparing your breakfast and lunch meals to go. If you're hungry, your Filipina partner will be ready.

  3. They point with their lips.
  4. A subtle yet efficient way of indicating a lost item’s location, this is one uniquely Filipino gesture. Instead of raising inordinate amounts of body effort to lift their arms and extend their index finger, an energy-conscious Filipina will point to an object of interest by simply puckering her lips, facing in the object’s general direction.

  5. They shower a lot.
  6. The Philippines is a tropical country. While the weather is generally fair, it can get insanely humid and hot. This will cause you to sweat profusely against your own will. Filipinos have long understood that a sweaty, smelly body is disgusting and unattractive, thus their obsession with showers. Any man dating a Filipina has to up his dating game and must be up to the task of constant daily showering.

    A typical Filipino woman will shower at least twice a day, three times if she can. Showering once a day is only excusable if a large tree falls on her house and demolishes the bathroom. Even so, she will go to the nearest water source, armed with a bar of soap and a shampoo saché and proceed to scrub the dirt off her.

  7. They make “tampo.”
  8. You could do absolutely nothing wrong and still get the cold shoulder from a Filipino woman. Why, you ask? No one knows. The only thing that is certain is that you need to throw a chocolate bar at her. Or offer to take her shopping.

    Filipinas possess an insatiable desire for men to notice them up to the smallest, finest detail. An impossible task, of course, but an expected one nonetheless. If you fail to notice her freshly cut hair or newly done nails, you may just be shut out of her life for the rest of the day.

  9. They are obsessed with reusing plastic bags, containers, jars, etc.
  10. Here’s a little Filipino expression you may want to get familiar with - “Sayang!” It literally translates to, “What a waste!”

    Filipinos love to reuse packaging. Why buy a lunchbox when an ice cream container will do? Done with your last spread of jam? Surprise, you now have a new drinking glass!

    Get used to seeing items that previously contained food in every nook and cranny around the house. Though you have to admire it, your Filipino partner is both thrifty AND resourceful.

  11. Karaoke.
  12. Karaoke is such a Filipino pastime it was prohibited at certain times so students could actually study. If you get invited to a Filipino gathering or party, you better start warming up those vocal chords because you will definitely get your turn at the microphone. If you ever wonder why the Philippines has so many good singers, wonder no more.

  13. Filipino time is the right time.
  14. In the Philippines, time is relative. If your girlfriend shows up an hour or two after the agreed time, it’s not because she’d been kidnapped. Filipinos have an unusual and admittedly negative habit of interpreting time relatively. If a Filipina says she’ll meet you at 4pm, she really means that she will meet you anytime between 4 and 6pm. If you call her and she says she’s on her way, don’t immediately take it as what you think she means. She’s most probably on her way to the shower.

  15. Lots of rice.
  16. Filipinos eat rice with anything. No matter how many times a Filipino woman says she is sticking to a low carb diet, it can never undo the truth - rice is in her DNA. Filipinos eat rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, no exception.

  17. An obsession with white skin.
  18. The Filipino beauty norm is that white and fair skin is desirable. A short perusal of Filipino women’s profiles on popular dating sites will prove this case. Most Filipinas have in their possession a comprehensive set of whitening products. Whether it be facial creams or glutathione pills, know that a Filipina will do everything in her power to achieve that silky smooth, fair complexion.

There are so many more quirks and habits that are uniquely Filipino. As you progress through your relationship with a Filipina, you will uncover these little charms that will only make you love her more. What matters is that Filipino women for the most part will love you unconditionally and excessively. When the love between two people is genuine, these little quirks make life all the more interesting.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 18 June, 2024
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