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Places To Go In Cebu City This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in the Philippines Love is in the air for couples spending Valentines day in Cebu.

It’s that time of the year when lovers, whether from distant far or closer, spend a special time together. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and despite the pandemic, surely many couples don’t want to miss this occasion. You don’t have to risk your health, all you have to do is to press that dial of your favorite resto or click that reservation button of the newly-opened cafe in the Central Business District, to make that awaited love day getaway possible.

Thanks to online dating sites, people who opt to build a romantic relationship with foreigners can make it a reality. Cebu, one of the islands of the Philippines, is no exemption to places where interracial couples reside. So, this Valentine’s day in Cebu, surprise your valentine with a romantic date in some local go-to spots.

Most public types of romantic dates this year will be limited to dining since pre-pandemic crowd-drawing events such as concerts, shows, exhibits and festivals are prohibited. The options for this romantic time have been downsized since many of the business establishments that people used to go to have closed or are indefinitely inoperational.

Yes, it’s sad to not be able to celebrate the V-day the way that everyone is used to but safety should come first, so here’s a list of alternative places to celebrate. Because let’s admit it - times have changed the way couples spend Valentine’s day together and many have explored more unconventional areas such as amusement parks. The list goes on. Here are some of them:

Cebu Ocean Park & Events Center

This might be one of those unique date ideas but it is definitely memorable. Instead of dining in a hotel restaurant or the like, bring your special someone to an oceanarium. Truly, this is a different experience than the usual locations but it is quite cool to enjoy a sumptuous meal with a view of some marine species behind and around you.

Cebu Ocean Park & Events Center will convert their main tank and viewing tunnel area into a restaurant on February 13 to 14. It will be open to lovers and diners alike who seek a different kind of Valentine’s day rendezvous. With a package pegged at P1, 999 per person, you and your partner can enjoy a five-course menu, a mermaid show, and some free merchandise.

Celebrating at Home with Filipinas

Due to the COVID-19 threat, our movements have been more limited than before. Definitely, it has been a humongous adjustment for us knowing this has been the first time it’s happened this generation. But then again, life doesn’t have to stop, allowing this disease to curtail our routines. There is always that light in the end, so when celebrating this special moment with your loved one, the concepts are endless.

You can think of some romantic date ideas at home. It would be weird if you don’t have a dining table and chairs, surely you do, but even if you don’t, you can do it the zen way. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Food is never a problem in Cebu City. The food delivery service is fast and efficient. So, why not pick up that phone and order your palate cravings on that night.

If you are creative, you can set up a theme for the evening. There are countless choices, many of which can be found online.

Outdoor Spaces Around Cebu

Provided that the place is open, there’s no problem spending Valentine’s day in these areas. Open parks and outdoor areas are great for picnics. You can plan your menu ahead, or if you’re feeling lazy, food deliveries are ready to save your date.

While in the park or open ground, you can either play board games or watch films together under the starry night. Just make sure that you’re gear-equipped should it rain. If sitting in the middle of nature is not your thing, you can dine in your car while listening to music or watching a movie.

Cebu City has outdoor spaces such as the open area in South Road Properties (SRP) and vacant lots or free parking spaces in Cebu Business Park. (you just have to choose a spot where it’s convenient)

Ayala Center Cebu

A main hub for shopping and dining in the uptown area, the mall offers a variety of shops for you two to stroll in or buy a valentine gift at. At times, the commercial center features acoustic music from a band or duo and what better way to fill the air with love than with songs.

There is also a range of gastronomic offerings from local to international cuisines to choose from. So, you can pick your choice!

Or, if you just want to chill and catch up on some stories you’ve missed with each other, you can sit down at the garden located at The Terraces. The hassle that the previous year has brought has kept us occupied with unhealthy stuff. Unwinding this way would be a great help.

Cebu IT Park

When you talk about go-to places in Cebu City, Cebu IT Park is one those in the top three list. Nestled are varied eateries--food and beverage chains Jollibee, KFC, McDonald’s, Army Navy and Starbucks, among others.

IT Park also boasts of some awesome landscape facilities. There are nooks where you can sit on benches and an open space to throw that wanderlust side of you both.

Safe and Fun Places in Cebu

Despite the effects the pandemic has had on our social life all around the world, love has always found a way to surface. No need to be forlorn that there are a lot of major changes around. We have to press on and be happy. It’s not only on Valentine’s day that we should be happy but as much as possible, everyday. While it’s vital we follow health protocols, we shouldn’t let the pandemic stifle our ability to love and live. Relationships require constant work and effort, regardless of the outside circumstances. So next time you’re celebrating Valentine’s day in Cebu, always know, you’re never out of options.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 18 June, 2024
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